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sled_homeSince 2001 Sign Language Education and Development (SLED) has become known throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries, as a Deaf non-profit organisation that is committed to providing the Deaf child of South Africa with an equal and democratic right to literacy, learning and access to information through the promotion of South African Sign Language (SASL). The SLED team (75% of whom are Deaf) is made up of highly professional people with many years of expertise in Deaf education and culture from Pre-School to Grade 12, ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) and tertiary education; television presentation, production, directing and editing; SASL poetry and storytelling; educator training and SASL interpreting.


SLED 17th AGM 31 January 2019

We invite you to attend the 17th Annual General Meeting of Sign Language Education and Development on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 11 a.m. in Observatory, Cape Town.

SLED AGM 9 October 2017!

Join us for the 16th Annual General Meeting of SLED at 14h00 on  Monday 9 October 2017.  Please come at 13h30 to share in some sandwiches and tea before we start.



Wonderful world in South African Sign Language

All I want for Christmas

This Deaf boy wants only one thing for Christmas, and then he meets Father Christmas.   Will he get the gift for which he longs?

Discover the SLED SASL CAPS KIT and training programme

Discover the SLED SASL CAPS KIT and training programme that will help you be the teacher you always wanted to be!  As a teacher of Deaf children, it is your goal to influence the young learner’s life in a positive and constructive way. Demands are made of your creativity and skills to achieve this. Whilst you are excited that Deaf children are at last having the opportunity to learn about their first language, SASL, you are worried about how you will help them to achieve everything in the SASL CAPS for the grade/s you teach.


The status of South African Sign Language (SASL) in South Africa

South African Sign Language is the most basic human right of the Deaf Community. It has become widely recognised and protected in various legislative and governmental policies (and is even acknowledged as a language equal in status to the 11 official languages in the country). And yet, the dearth of material and trained educators in SASL creates a situation where this recognition is almost meaningless unless proper training can take place and suitable material be developed.

Sign Language – The Key To Understanding The World Of The Deaf Child

Language is fundamental for social interaction, personal development and abstract thinking and, for the majority of people, acquiring a language during childhood occurs unconsciously, automatically and mostly naturally. Every individual develops an internal set of language rules based on communicating with others who use the same language. Language development is thus a creative process that requires a child to actively process the information he or she receives. As we now know, hearing children get this information by hearing spoken language in natural interaction with other people in the environment, not through imitation or training.



Do You Want To Learn How To Sign?


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