Sled News

SLED 17th AGM 31 January 2019

We invite you to attend the 17th Annual General Meeting of Sign Language Education and Development on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 11 a.m. in Observatory, Cape Town.

SLED AGM 9 October 2017!

Join us for the 16th Annual General Meeting of SLED at 14h00 on  Monday 9 October 2017.  Please come at 13h30 to share in some sandwiches and tea before we start.


SLED AGM on 1 December 2016 at 8A Waverley Business Park, Observatory, Cape Town.

Lovely new offices on ground floor!


SLED Cape Town will be at 8A Waverley Business Park from 1 August 2016.  All other contact details remain the same.

Learn SASL in Cape Town – January 2016

If you want to start learning South African Sign Language in Cape Town in 2016 – the SLED team will be teaching a beginners course in the week of 18 January 2016 at UCT Summer School.


Please join us for the Annual General Meeting of
Sign Language Education and Development

Cape Town Summer SASL opportunity!

Kirsty Maclons and the SLED team will be offering a beginners SASL workshop at the UCT Summer School in January 2015.


With Sign Language rights, our children can!

With South African Sign Language, our Deaf children can reach for their dreams.  Investing in SASL is investing in the rich diversity of gifts we have as South Africans, and making sure no ones valuable contribution is lost.

Free SASL Meet and Greet Lesson in Johannesburg!

Free 67 SASL Lesson on 17 July 2015 in Johannesburg!

South African Sign Language Learning Materials

The SLED team has produced the first round of exiting new learning and teaching materials (LTSMs) for use in schools for Deaf children for the implementation of the new SASL CAPS curriculum.


SLED Director Cara Loening was horribly misquoted in today’s TimesLive Article on the new Sign Language curriculum.  Ms Loening and SLED has issued a press statement in response.   Click on the heading SLED PRESS STATEMENT above to read.  (Photo Deaf facilitator and Deaf children, fluently communicating in SASL)


September is The National Month of Deaf People and the theme for 2013 is Equality. South African Sign Language or SASL is probably our oldest indigenous language. It is also the most natural language for a Deaf child.  It has become widely recognised and we now
have a SASL curriculum for Deaf children.


September is Deaf Awareness Month.  The theme this year is Equality for Deaf people.