SLED’s Vision

SLED’s vision is to see all of South Africa’s Deaf children achieving their full potential.

SLED’s main objective is to facilitate the Deaf child’s equal
& democratic right to literacy & learning through the promotion
of South African Sign Language.

SLED’s aims are to:

  • Promote South African Sign Language (SASL) as a language of learning and teaching (LOLT)
  • Ensure that SASL is recognised and respected as one of the Language
    Learning Areas in the curricula for basic and higher education in South
  • Provide nationally accredited training to teachers of Deaf earners in SASL skills and appropriate teaching skills
  • Facilitate the natural acquisition of South African Sign Language literacy by Deaf learners
  • Encourage the development of written literacy skills by utilising SASL literacy skills of Deaf learners
  • Produce high quality SASL/English learning and teaching materials
  • Empower Deaf adults to work in educational settings as educators, specialists, mentors, facilitators, and teaching assistants
  • Promote early intervention for young Deaf children, their families and their caregivers

While working towards achieving these aims, the members of SLED strive to:

  • Make certain that empowered Deaf people play a continuous and integral
    part in all developments and policies regarding their education and
  • Affirm that the education of Deaf people is recognised as being the
    concern and joint responsibility of the broader community, families of
    the Deaf and primarily Deaf people themselves.