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For the past 15 years, SLED – Sign Language Education & Development has been fighting for an equal education on behalf of South Africa’s Deaf children.

We are gratified that at last Deaf children are studying their first language, South African Sign Language (SASL), as a home language in the classrooms across South Africa.

During the last ten months we have been germinating, creating, brainstorming, inspiring, producing, cultivating, inventing, ripening and generating South African Sign Language learning materials and teaching materials (LTSMs) to support the SASL Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).


The logo and branding we have developed for the SASL CAPS KITs – SLED reflects our journey and our belief that through these materials the Deaf South African child will at last be able to burst forth and thrive.

We have already created 5 SASL CAPS KITs that give the teacher and the learners a comprehensive range of what they will need to cover the CAPS curriculum for SASL for Grade R to 3 and Grade 9. These kits contain everything from indigenous Deaf action rhymes to sophisticated SASL poetry; from jigsaw puzzles to learner pads for linguistic analysis; from learner workbooks to teacher guides.

The SLED team is currently packing and distributing our kits across the country.

team packing LTSMs


IMG_20150223_151530 web large


packing SASL KITS



There is so much good that can be done. If you would like to assist us achieving our goals for Deaf children, please consider making a donation.

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