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September is Deaf Awareness Month.  International week of the Deaf is 21 to 27 September 2015!  In South Africa we are on an amazing journey, as one of the countries in the world where the national sign language is part of the home language school curriculum for Deaf children!  However, it is all-hands-on-deck as so much is still needed to make this new curriculum flourish. With South African Sign Language as an integral part of Deaf education, the doors of learning and culture can indeed open for Deaf children.  This month we will share some insights into what it will take to make the new South African Sign Language curriculum work well in schools across the country. We are also offering the “South African Sign Language Dictionary for Families of Young Deaf Children” at a discount price just for September.  R50 off – only R 200.   (Ts & Cs! – for individual buyers only, maximum two per person, price excluding packaging and postage).

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