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Discover the SLED SASL CAPS KIT and training programme

Discover the SLED SASL CAPS KIT and training programme that will help you be the teacher you always wanted to be!

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As a teacher of Deaf children, it is your goal to influence the young learner’s life in a positive and constructive way. Demands are made of your creativity and skills to achieve this. Whilst you are excited that Deaf children are at last having the opportunity to learn about their first language, SASL, you are worried about how you will help them to achieve everything in the SASL CAPS for the grade/s you teach.

But, you are not alone in this quest. For many years, SLED has been collecting, sourcing and developing materials with the goal to create teaching tools and resources with one purpose only – to equip you as teacher with the resources you need to make a significant impact on the Deaf learner’s life.

Now, SLED has originated an exciting and comprehensive kit and training programme, theSASL CAPS KIT – SLED © that will give you support and tools to acquire stronger insight into teaching South African Sign Language CAPS , at the same time, provide resources that will empower your teaching in many ways.


The SASL CAPS KIT – SLED © resources have been carefully developed to address the unique needs of each of the grades:

• For Grade R, the resources empower the teacher to be a mediator, making the most of learning through child-centred and play-based activities. The focus on spontaneous learning is enhanced with creatively designed material for the teacher to use to ensure that all learners achieve the outcomes set out in the Grade R SASL CAPS.

• Grade 1 is the real foundation for the Deaf learner with SASL being understood in a more structured way. Through simple, beautifully illustrated signed stories, games, puzzles (and other material), learners begin to understand their own identity and unique language. SLED’s SASL CAPS Kit contains all the tools that the teacher will need to teach terms 1 and 2 SASL CAPS.

• Grade 2 continues this growth of awareness with the learner developing a phonological awareness and the creation of published stories and poems using SASL. As the focus is more on recording created works all of the SLED materials will help the Deaf Grade 2 learner become a skilled creator of SASL stories and poems whilst accomplishing Grade 2 SASL CAPS.

• Grade 3 begins to consolidate the SASL CAPS learning of the earlier grade years. Analysis and deeper understanding is made possible through more developed materials. Learners are encouraged to further develop the skills of creating SASL non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

• For Grade 9 learners who have not studied SASL CAPS before, SLED has approached the learning in a thematic way – ‘Life’ in Term 1 and ‘Being Deaf’ in Term 2 – using techniques like brainstorming and creative expression through SASL poetry and SASL literature – non-fiction and fiction. Through inspired materials the Deaf Grade 9 learner will analyse and compare signs using the SASL parameters.

Not only are there demands on your creativity as a teacher but also expectations of administering a teaching schedule. Very often this alone can be confusing and demanding of your time and energy. The SASL CAPS KIT – SLED © provides resources to help the teacher deal with these demands.

The SASL CAPS KIT – SLED © provides you with the resources and materials that you need to create meaningful lessons for your classes. Acquiring these programmes is a major investment in the future of your successful teaching the SASL CAPS.

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