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SLED has conceived, created, developed, and produced 19 South African Sign Language (SASL) literature DVDs and 12 accompanying reading books. These illustrated stories reflect the current situation of Deaf children in South Africa. Age-appropriate signed and written text has been designed to encourage the development of literacy based on sight and not sound. Young Deaf learners, including the class of 2020, are using these materials to gain age-appropriate literacy in SASL and English.

This reading scheme highlights the initial need for “mother-tongue” proficiency, which for Deaf learners is South African Sign Language (SASL). Thereafter, learners can use their preferred visual mode language skills to “bridge” to written literacy in a second language (regardless of which language that is). Work done by SLED includes developing educational methodologies (for the education of learners and the training of educators and facilitators) as well as the artwork, filming, editing and production of materials, and subsequent educator training using these materials.

Presently, the materials focus on two levels – Grade R and Grade 1 – and include DVD’s, books and teacher flip charts. The stories used in the materials reflect the current situation of Deaf children in South Africa who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Age appropriate signed and written text was designed to encourage literacy based on sight and not sound. The materials are beautifully illustrated by Abram Moyaha, SLED Deaf artist, and reflect the unique cultural identity of the South African Deaf community.

In order to fulfil our mission, we at SLED consider the training of teachers of Deaf learners in SASL to be one of our highest priorities. To this end, SLED runs a sustained programme of training on the methodology and use of materials for education in a number of provinces around the country.

If you would like to order any materials please complete the order form and either fax to 021 448 2520 or email to

You can watch previews of some of the DVDs here:

from Phuti goes to school
from Off to the moon!
from Yasmin is also Deaf!
from Visit to the farm
from Soccer
from Fire!
from Watch out, Thandiwe!



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