Sign Language Education and Development


In 2011, twenty Deaf trainees were drawn from the cohort of Deaf assistants who are currently employed at schools for Deaf learners from five provinces for two eight-day residential training workshops. This decision was made after consultation with relevant stakeholders, who felt that these individuals are aptly placed to provide the necessary SASL training to both the staff and the learners of these schools. The trainees completed the Stage 1 SASL training with assessment and the Stage 2 training. The workshops and set assignments included training in the following: English for educational settings, SASL story-telling skills, introduction to language-bridging education, Deaf history and culture, both national
and international, “Who I am and how do I fit into the Deaf world?”, personal development, “What is my role as a Deaf role model?”, report writing, and an introduction to curriculum development.

This training has been well received, and is being developed further.





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