All SLED work is focused on Deaf Education, with the primary emphasis on literacy in both South African Sign Language and written English.   SLED works to transform the approach to teaching Deaf children towards high expectations that Deaf learners can succeed, high expectations that teachers can and will adapt to effective teaching when given tools that work and support that makes sense.  

Key milestone barrier points that impede Deaf teachers’ and learners’ progress are identified, and programmes are developed to overcome those barriers. 



Learning and teaching resources development and teacher training

South Africa is one of very few countries in the world where there is a formal government home language school curriculum for the country’s national sign language.  Two others are Sweden (SSL curriculum 1995) and New Zealand (NZSL curriculum 2007).

This curriculum is a ground breaking development.  It is a ‘normal’ home language curriculum with a high proportion of literature and critical engagement. However it is new, and there is very little international experience on which to draw, hence, each step forward has to be both innovative and practice based.

There is no other organisation in South Africa doing the same in-depth work of building comprehensive school level teaching skills and resources at classroom level for Deaf language development. 



Learning and teaching resources development and teacher training

The roll out of the national DBE Home Language SASL curriculum since 2015 has created the opportunity for learners to achieve first language literacy within the curriculum.  Based on their first language literacy, they could progress successfully with the appropriate teaching methodology and learning resources, to learning their first written language (English).  In order for this opportunity to turn into reality, there is a need for sustained skilled, experienced, responsive, reflective and engaged intervention.  SLED has the skills, experience, networks, human resources and long term commitment to Deaf education to establish a successful Deaf Foundation Phase language acquisition and literacy model in partnership with schools and funders.

The initial stages of this project is currently underway.


SLED offers a range of workshops related to Deaf Education and South African Sign Language.
These include:

Workshops for teachers and teaching assistants in teaching South African Sign Language literature (stories, poems etc).  Workshops are dynamic and include direct engagement with the SASL text and classroom based options.

Coming soon:  NEW Workshops for teachers and teaching assistants in teaching English to Deaf learners.

SLED offers a variety of South African Sign Language courses at NQF Level 4 and NQF Level 5, based on Unit Standards accredited by the ETDP SETA.

SLED also offers intensive purpose-specific SASL workshops,  which are not accredited.  These can be designed for particular workplace needs or for parents of Deaf children.
Public SASL workshop dates are announced at least one month before the time on this website. These classes are usually not accredited.

Corporate training is available, please contact SLED Director Cara Loening to discuss your needs.
Tel: 021 448 2520
Mobile: 082 375 3075